"Hi everyone!  I am Roshni and I like to be called Rosh, so that’s how we got Rosh’s. 

 Born 22 years ago, they say I have Down's Syndrome - but that don't get ME down!

I love this pic of mine clicked by my awsome sis Ragini  - she is truly the wind beneath my wings!

 Cooking has always been my passion. I loved to help my Mom in the kitchen ever since I was a child. 

 I have completed the Food ServiceCareers program at Vancouver Community College and  have my FoodSafe and Super Host certificates  as well.

 The 'foodie' that I am, it has been my dream since I was four, to have a food related business . 

THIS is like a dream-come-true! 

  At home we always have yummy fresh homemade chutneys made by my Mom and grandmothers, so I decided to give it a try. 

I wanted to use local, healthy ingredients so my Aunt Rashmi suggested  we try BC cranberries.  Mom and I had tons of fun experimenting with different ingredients and spices, to get the delicious flavor for our chutneys.

The Sweet , Mild Spice& Spicy Hot  varieties offered here are the ones we have perfected so far.

Dad, Mom and I have a blast making and bottling the chutneys together - my parents and my sister are my pillars.

Enjoy our yummy chutneys!!     Love, Rosh "

Hey , I'm Rosh

........ And Yes I am Very Special!