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Crangy Eggs   Crack two eggs in a bowl, add a dollop of Mild Spice  or  Spicy Hot Cranberry Chutney 

                         Mix well and scramble in a non-stick pan

We would love to hear your  recipes for serving suggestions  with my chutneys 

Please send them to roshschutneys@gmail.com, with pics if you have them

We will feature them here and give you the credit (if you' are OK with that)

Serving saucewith grilled or roasted Meat, Pork, Chicken , Turkey, Fish or Vegetables

            * Dish it out 'as is' over the food

            * Mix 2  tbsp of  Spicy Hot or Mild Spice  Cranberry Chutney with  1 cup of  plain stirred yogurt               for  a creamy sauce

           * Mix 2  tbsp of Sweet  Cranberry Chutney with half a cup of orange juice,  make it

             pouring consistency and pour over entree'

Delicious, Tangy and Versatile  

ROSH's  chutneys

provide endless possibilities to enhance the

Mood of your Food!! 

Soup    Take 2 Boiled potatoes or carrots, Add 1 cup water & 2 table spoons of  Mild  Spice or

​             Spicy Hot  Cranberry Chutney. Blend well. You can enjoy this hot or cold !

Dip                 with chips, nachos, veggies - use any of the above reciepies and thin  to

                       the required consistency

​Serving Suggestions

Topping             Top Cheese and Crackers with any Cranberry Chutney for that extra zing!

Marinade         Marinate Fish, Meats, Poultry as is or mixed with a little Oil or Yogurt

Sandwich Spread   these go well with all kinds of bread

                    * Spread is out 'as is' , on your favorite bread and enjoy

                      *  Mix 2 tbsp Sweet  Cranberry Chutney with cream or any soft cheese for that

                            yum cheesy sandwich

                       *  Blend 2 tbsp. of Spicy Hot or Mild Spice Cranberry Chutney with mayonnaise and savour

                           the perfect taste