Sandwich Spread   these go well with all kinds of bread

                    * Spread is out 'as is' , on your favorite bread and enjoy

                      *  Mix 2 tbsp Sweet  Cranberry Chutney with cream or any soft cheese for that

                            yum cheesy sandwich

                       *  Blend 2 tbsp. of Spicy Hot or Mild Spice Cranberry Chutney with mayonnaise and savour

                           the perfect taste

Serving saucewith grilled or roasted Meat, Pork, Chicken , Turkey, Fish or Vegetables

            * Dish it out 'as is' over the food

            * Mix 2  tbsp of  Spicy Hot or Mild Spice  Cranberry Chutney with  1 cup of  plain stirred yogurt               for  a creamy sauce

           * Mix 2  tbsp of Sweet  Cranberry Chutney with half a cup of orange juice,  make it

             pouring consistency and pour over entree'

Delicious, Tangy and Versatile  

ROSH's  chutneys

provide endless possibilities to enhance the

Mood of your Food!! 

Crangy Eggs   Crack two eggs in a bowl, add a dollop of Mild Spice  or  Spicy Hot Cranberry Chutney 

                         Mix well and scramble in a non-stick pan

We would love to hear your  recipes for serving suggestions  with my chutneys 

Please send them to, with pics if you have them

We will feature them here and give you the credit (if you' are OK with that)

​Serving Suggestions

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Topping             Top Cheese and Crackers with any Cranberry Chutney for that extra zing!

Soup    Take 2 Boiled potatoes or carrots, Add 1 cup water & 2 table spoons of  Mild  Spice or

​             Spicy Hot  Cranberry Chutney. Blend well. You can enjoy this hot or cold !

Dip                 with chips, nachos, veggies - use any of the above reciepies and thin  to

                       the required consistency

Marinade         Marinate Fish, Meats, Poultry as is or mixed with a little Oil or Yogurt