This brief note is simply to pass along our thanks and appreciation for your wonderful chutneys, which we have been enjoying along with Rashmi's sublime curries at the Roberts Creek Community Hall (Rashmi kindly passed along your contact information yesterday afternoon).
Our number one choice is your hot chutney with cranberry, ginger, cumin, etc. This hot chutney is the perfect complement for the cheese and cracker plates that we usually serve when entertaining guests. We also recently discovered that it works beautifully with the buffalo burgers which Bob has been preparing for many years.
In viewing your website this morning we noticed several other very interesting serving suggestions. We will be definitely make a point of trying out some of these.
Thanks again for making these lovely chutneys available to us Sunshine Coasters!
And Happy Thanksgiving!

Bob Menzies & Dorothy Chunne 

Hello Rosh!
My name is Nori Majeau and I am writing you from the Sunshine Coast.  Your friend, Rashmi, sold me a jar of your Hot chutney. 
All I have to say is WOW!  It's sooooo good!  I love it on just about everything; but, my favorite is on my toast in the mornings.  I use it with my cashew butter,  avocado and chutney.  It's such a great combo!  I delight in the hot bite to it.
Keep it coming, as they say!  Thank you!!!!!
A very satisfied customer, Nori  [😊]

Leonora (Nori) Majeau




Roshni's chutneys give taste a whole new name.. You can enjoy the sweet, spicy and tangy goodness in every bite!! But the real magic lies in the love and care that goes into every bottle!!
Prepared by Roshni Kashyap herself who's only goal is that you simply just enjoy..
Like a warm hug on a cold rainy afternoon...who wouldn't like that!!
Go ahead, spread it on a cracker or use it as a dip with your favorite appie, guaranteed you'll want more!!
Great as a gift with a bottle of wine for your friends at the office!!

"Veenesh Dubois"
Actor,play write and foodie!



Roshni, thank you so much for sharing your Mom and Grandmother’s recipes with us.
I purchased two dozen to make gifts of your chutneys to co-workers, family and friends. 
Sweet Chutney is the one I have eaten the most – the combination of the cranberry and orange
with the delicious herbs/spices make this one an epicurean delight.I have used it as a dip, as a spread to make chicken or turkey sandwiches and a sauce when cooking. It is simply Marvellous – thank you.
I have tasted the mild and spicy chutneys using various crackers and ALL OF THEM are a taste sensation – so much so you hesitate to eat else afterwards so you can savour the taste as long as possible.   yum yum yum worth every penny. 

I challenge others to buy em and try em and see if you are not tempted to lick the jar afterwards!

Lorill – Coquitlam, BC Canada

Hello Rosh,
Just had to let you know that your chutneys ROCK!
I purchased your Sweet and Mild CRANJYs at the 100 Braid Street Studios during the Cultural Crawl on Saturday. I love them both, but the Sweet CRANJY is such an amazing taste, the perfect balance of sweet and slightly tart. It is the best I've ever tasted. Simply delicious!  I paired it with goat cheese on crackers for an appetizer yesterday, and I even had it on my toast  this morning 😊.  My jar is already half empty!
It is clear your CRANJYs are made with much love and care.  I shall be ordering more very soon!

Best regards,
Janette Day

You Said it !!